The State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) expands state Medicaid programs to cover children of parents who have too much money to be eligible for Medicaid, but likely not enough to buy commercial insurance. Check the state-specifc information in the back of this book to fnd the expanded income levels for the SCHIP program in your state. Some states also allow families to “buy into” the SCHIP program at a reduced rate if they make too much income to be eligible on a regular basis. Benefts will be different in each state.

This chart illustrates how Medicaid and SCHIP work in tandem to cover various populations in my home state of Colorado. Different states use different percentages of FPL along the left axis. While the 100% is generally the bare minimum Medicaid eligibility level set by the federal government for children 6-19 years old, the two healthcare reform bills currently being considered in early 2010 would raise minimum coverage to 150% of FPL (HR 3962) or 133% of FPL (HR 3590). Both bills would make Medicaid accessible to a larger population of people.

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