There are four other resources available to you.

If you have insurance, your insurance company provides you with excellent resources including online access to claims, EOBs, your beneft plan, their in-network provider list, and probably pricing tools that will tell you what your patient responsibilities will be for different types of care at different facilities. I have put the websites for the fve largest U.S. insurance carriers below. You may have to register if you have not signed on before.

  1. United Healthcare: www.myuhc.com
  2. Wellpoint Anthem: www.anthem.com
  3. Aetna: www.aetna.com
  4. Humana: www.humana.com
  5. Cigna: my.cigna.com

Beware of revolving credit. Just like credit cards, this can be a good thing if you have the discipline to make your payments on time and have the