A large physician group will look very similar to a hospital organization, except that the Board of Directors are replaced with “Physician Partners.”

Smaller organizations like a small physician’s offce or an independent lab, imaging center, or surgery center will be much fatter. This applies if there is only one location. These types of businesses are lean on the staffng side, so you will probably deal with the same person every time. The offce manager is probably empowered to be the main decision maker in this respect. I would estimate there is only a 20% chance you would ever speak to the Administrator and almost no chance you would ever speak to an owner.

Small Organization Escalation Chart

I’m sorry to say that there are physicians and other healthcare providers that engage in a sort of scam called “balance billing.” Balance billing occurs when a healthcare provider bills a patient for some or the entire amount that should have been written off as the insurance discount (contractual allowance).