The provider bill and insurance EOB are two sides of the same story. There are two important things to check with each pair of bills and EOBs:

Do your bills match up with your EOB? Do charges, discounts, and patient responsibilities match? They should. If not, you can ask the provider to conference call you and your insurance company together so they can hash it out. Defnitely do this if the patient responsibility on the medical bill and the EOB do not match. The provider cannot bill you for more than the patient responsibility on the EOB. Once the conference call starts and you have voiced your concern, just listen while they work it out.

Was the provider paid or not? Why ? Some providers get into the habit of forwarding a bill to the patient if they are having trouble with an insurance company. If you are getting calls from a biller, it may be because they need to check your birth date or policy number. Don’t be afraid to take a biller’s phone call. If the insurance company is not paying there is a reason, and it is best to fnd out what the reason is a soon as possible.

40 // The Medical Bill Survival Guide