Before we talk to billers, I want you to be very familiar with your fnancial situation and feel totally confdent in what you are talking about. This chapter will show you how to organize and prepare for these important conversations. If you have already talked to billers and it didn’t go well, that’s okay. I’m going to teach you how to recover from any bad calls you’ve already had and how to try to mend your bridges if you’ve been sent to collections. Again, I want to get rid of your anxiety. If you just had a catastrophic medical episode, the last thing you need to be worried about is your bills. Trust me. It’s going to be fne.

If you’ve recently had a hospital stay or been admitted to a hospital through the emergency room, you are going to get several bills and they are not all going to be from the hospital. You are going to get bills from the emergency medicine physicians in the ER, the radiology group that read your x-rays and MRIs, the pathology group that analyzed your lab tests, the specialist physicians and surgeons who looked after you